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AV revoked.
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I have filled out a Y38 form, its a small green paper with the gun's make and serial number if it has one. If you do not have a serial number on your gun they put a yellow transparent sicker that says Canada revenue and a unique number that will be used as a serial number (these stickers suck and fall off easy, i put a piece of clear packing tape over it to make sure it stays). Once this sticker is put on if you need one it is not legally allowed to be taken off unless the gun is destroyed (they don't log any of this info in to their system so i don't know how they can enforce this) Also i was told by the CBSA agent when i did mine that is a good idea to bring original receipts with you to prove that you did purchase the gun in Canada.

The agent also told me that they are "phasing" out the Y38 and original receipt will be good enough. Personally i can not confirm if this is true because there is no common knowledge across the CBSA regarding airsoft. So to be safe i got a y38 filled out and will also have my original receipts.

I am going to OP Pine Plains in Ft, Drum NY in July and i will confirm if we get our guns back in to canada using this system.

In Answer to your 3 questions.

1. Yes i would bring all your receipts with you
2. They do not expire (and its free to do)
3. A teammate added his VFC EGLM (m203 launcher) to his Y38 form, but they have their own serial number, If yours does not they will put a sticker on it as i mentioned above. And i would add it as they are not technically allowed in Canada yet.

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