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Originally Posted by Rugger_can View Post

Everyone's got a sob story.. Oh shit wait? You don't have a sob story, you both have unionized jobs during a economic downturn where almost a million Canadians have lost their jobs and are unable to find gainful employment and are left without a stream of income for months at a time. Im fairly certain that a few of those almost a million Canadians worked hard to provide for their families too.

Woe is you.
Great example.
Actually BOTH of my parents are unemployed because they got laid off. I didn't remember it at first because I'm already used to them not being able to find a decent stable job. I'm pretty sure both of them would be happy to deliver mail for $17 per hour even with no benefits or pension.
So yea Unions and employees should stop whining! If you don't want to do your job for the amount of money offered, get out and find something better.
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