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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
I say 3-4 weeks of clearing out the backlog, clearing out the "Hey we're open again" flood o' crap, dealing with normal items...before things get back to normal.
Hmm, that's cutting it close. I've got items just shipped USPS from ATS in the USA as well as Brenda@OneShot is holding my rifle Tacos until CP gets moving again. I know, my situation is not even remotely close to the damage this strike/lockout is causing some folks on here and I truly sympathize with the migraine's they must be suffering. Still though from my own corner of reality, I'd really like to have my items prior to Rhino in July so I hope it's faster than 3-4 weeks Tys...

With contract talks broken-off and the NDP willing to stall the bill passage as long as possible, more especially since the government has inserted a wage clause in there which is even lower than the last offer from CP management - that's gotta be a major "FUCK YOU!" for the employees and the NDP - I rather suspect this will drag on into next week before it gets passed.

I forgot where I read this so don't shoot the messenger: I am paraphrasing from memory however...
This recent Conservative government tactic of short-circuiting the process of collective bargaining by legislating a defined wage instead of referring the matter to binding, non-partisan, 3rd-party arbitration signals a potentially worrisome message to all employees anywhere in jobs considered "essential" or "economically important" to the country whether they be private (Air Canada) or public (CP) sector. By doing so, the government removes any incentive for the employer to collectively bargain with its employees because employers know that all they have to do is stall long enough and the government will impose a settlement which will invariably not favor but rather punish the workers for having the audacity to launch job action in the first place. This policy of legistlated settlements effectively destroys collective bargaining in Canada and rolls back decades of hard-won worker's rights to negotiate compensation with their employer in good faith. It's no wonder the NDP are all bent out of shape over this one!
Whatever the outcome here, like many of you have already said...I just want my mail so settle this thing please!


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