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Originally Posted by Outcast569 View Post
Love the high level of ignorance and stupidity in this thread. Way to generalize horribly and think you know everything. Not every one but a good chunk of the folks here.

Personally I am against MOST unions. I however am part of one and help modify its policies. My wife is also dealing with unions as she is a CP employee and union rep, now to the people who say they are all lazy as hell.

Screw you.

Never mind the tactful response. Just screw you. Ive watched her come home blisters and gashes all over her hands and arms after a days work. I know alot of them aren't that dedicated to the job. Will also admit I get pissed at alot of them to with my packages. How ever the fact so many people say ALL union employees and CP employees are lazy and useless pisses me off.

Both her (CP)and I(Airline Security) work unionized jobs and I can guarantee you that we work our hands to the bone. Maybe its just our personal work ethic. Who knows. But no matter the reason what alot of you are saying is just plain untrue, rude and ignorant.

Everyone's got a sob story.. Oh shit wait? You don't have a sob story, you both have unionized jobs during a economic downturn where almost a million Canadians have lost their jobs and are unable to find gainful employment and are left without a stream of income for months at a time. Im fairly certain that a few of those almost a million Canadians worked hard to provide for their families too.

Woe is you.
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