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Originally Posted by PaddMadd View Post
This isn't about people getting flyers, it's about businesses losing money due to not being able to ship items out, people waiting for out-of-country mail, people like a friend of mine that can't get their driver's licence because it can't be mailed, people waiting for paycheques, bills, and other shit that can't be delivered without mail. I can understand being pissed about garbage piling up, but a shitty smell doesn't compare to businesses around the world that are losing revenue because a bunch of lazy twats want their 8 hours of $24/hr for working 3-4 hours, and want extra shit as well. Anywhere else in the world, you don't work, you don't get paid.

My Security License Expired May 16... I still don't have it back.

I technically shouldn't even be looking for Security related positions right now, but there's not much else that I'm really qualified for seeing as how the past 6 years that's been my life, but I can't work until I get my License back, and I can't get my License back if the mail isn't being delivered.

This strike has effected peoples lives in a real and negative way.

And does Greece really have money to be just given away for free these days?
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