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Originally Posted by Deltastone View Post
My only concern with this whole debate is that people think it's a public issue. By public issue, I mean a tax paying issue. Canada Post operates at a profit, so it should really just be a fight between the corporation itself and the union.

I guess the real question is what would one denote as an "essential service?" Nothing is an essential service is given enough time, yet Air Canada, Canada Post, Toronto Transit Commission are all legislated back to work immediately because people were upset... Yet when the Toronto Parks and Recreation department went on strike, and our city was covered in garbage for over a month, which could have potentially devastating effects on the tourism industry, they just sat back and did nothing while the city got covered in stank. Like really, we can all live without the mail for awhile, especially if those who are in need of the mail (social assistance cheques and the like are still being delivered) are being looked after, let the two groups sit down and slug it out.

I just don't know why people are so quick to jump at getting their Home Depot Flyers. There's nothing good on sale right now guys, trust me.
This isn't about people getting flyers, it's about businesses losing money due to not being able to ship items out, people waiting for out-of-country mail, people like a friend of mine that can't get their driver's licence because it can't be mailed, people waiting for paycheques, bills, and other shit that can't be delivered without mail. I can understand being pissed about garbage piling up, but a shitty smell doesn't compare to businesses around the world that are losing revenue because a bunch of lazy twats want their 8 hours of $24/hr for working 3-4 hours, and want extra shit as well. Anywhere else in the world, you don't work, you don't get paid.
Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
Did he not pay his ASC bill this month?
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