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Originally Posted by ToRN View Post
Outcast, while I agree that there can be good hardworking union employees, there are also a lot of incompetent/lazy people that are protected by the union, who would otherwise be long gone.
I agree to that, I have seen it where the union is too powerful, where people dont work, the company has to contract the work out so it gets done, and in a few years the pulp mill goes out of business and the people blame it on the strong Canadian dollar not being able to compete to other countries. (Happened in Prince Albert, SK)

However, I would like to point out the good in unions, there is a time and place where they are useful.

I work at Sandblasting and Painting place, without the union, our wages would be shit compared to what they are now, night and day to our competitor's wages. I am doing what a less than a high school's education, (sandblasting) making decent money, fair bit of labour.

I also would like to point out, not all unions protect the lazy, for example, when lay off season comes, we dont have a seniority clause, so anyone that is useless, gets laid off first wave, also our union doesnt speak out to prevent firing people, its the employer that wants to keep the useless around, cheap labour (it is if your new, starting wage is $14/hr) to do the basic stuff. (Ironically, the union tried to get someone fired, one guy punched another guy, (2nd fight) union wanted him fired, the employer wanted to keep him)

It is very easy for the employer to take advantage of its employees, the union just helps makes it fair.
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