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"...bunch of anti-government worker rhetoric..."
I work for the Government of Ontario. I'm 24 and I've been working for them since I came out of college. I have zero issue with calling myself, and the other 7 guys in my office, hard working, dedicated public service employees.

Some people seem to be under the impression that it's completely impossible to be a hard working dedicated person working for the Government. I take offense to that. Partly because it isn't true, and partly because there are aspects of my job that I can guarantee nobody on this board would want to do.

Having said that, because of some of the shit we have to deal with I'm very well paid. I would never make the argument that I need more money. For my profession (IT forensics) we're about on par with the private sector and slightly above police services.

I can tell you first hand there are lazy dogfuckers who work for the Government... but find me a 60,000 strong organization that DOESN'T have these people in it, somewhere. The majority of OPS employees are competent people who do their job, especially when you get up to directors, CAO's, Assistant Deputy Ministers, and others who are actually responsible for the day-to-day operation withing their ministries.

The people that piss me off are the union ass-kissers, or union reps themselves. Unions exist only to create reasons for their continued existence.

The other thing you have to realize is how the Government pay scale is slanted (this doesn't apply to fed agencies, but w/e). It's heavily weighted in the bottom end to encourage people to go into the public service. Once you move up into MCP (management and above) the pay is actually less than comparable jobs in the private sector. Sometimes on the order of $100,000/yr less for comparable jobs. No, that isn't a joke or an exaggeration. The reason these people stay working for the Government is because 1) they like their jobs, 2) they're dedicated, and 3) there are certain other perks, like job security at that level. The public who whine, bitch, and complain only ever see the lower end. They don't see the upper end because they never deal with these people.

In conclusion, first, don't paint all Government workers with the same brush. We're not all lazy slobs who dogfuck all day on the taxpayer's dime. Second, Unions suck and I hate them. They get in the way of me doing my job more often than they ever help me.

Now, the Government agencies on the other hand....

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