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Originally Posted by Drayen View Post
I have 2 orders that i made back when it was still a rolling strike that i told the supplier to hold on to till this is resolved, and i still totally support what the union is trying to do.

Wages aren't even the big issue, what the union wanted to do is address the under staffing issue that's making their current employees work harder for longer hours that they rightly say is a safety hazard.

They realize how important the mail service is so the union decided on a rolling strike as a course of action. Then within a few days, CP decides to up the ante and LOCKOUT all of it's employees to force public opinion on it's side.
The sad part is that it seems to be working. Everyone is talking slag about the union and it's workers, but it was CP management that decided to totally shut down the mail. NOT THE WORKERS!
This back to work legislation that they have tabled is also another piss off... It wouldn't surprise me if the lockout was initiated on the assumption that that crown would force workers to go back after they arbitrate whatever they wanted down the union's throats. Just like what happened back in 97.

Then again i suppose that's what happens when you put an anti-union party like the conservatives in power(though, i guess the libs did it too). I'm really hoping Layton stalls this bill for as long as he can. Makes me proud that i voted NDP in my riding.
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what if it model after his?
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