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Originally Posted by Lumi View Post
Bring a timer out and use it as a bomb, that's brought all sorts of fun into our games.
We've tried such things as:
Attackers having to push to a position and plant the bomb, then defend it until it detonates.
Defenders holding a bomb position until it detonates
Blackhawk down where one force starts in a vehicle and once engaged has to plant a bomb in the vehicle and hold it until detonation.
In all 3 game types the non-bombing force ends the game by disarming the bomb or removing it from the target zone. I love these for an end of the day wrap up as you can set the bomb timer to the time you have left and you know the game won't go over.
One of the better game types the NL community ever came up with was a sort of neutral bomb scenario. First plant a bomb in the middle of the field, preferably in a defensable structure. Then, the first team to get to it activates the timer to arm it, then defends it until it goes off. If the other team manages to overrun the position, they must restart the timer and in turn defend the bomb until it detonates.

It was a great way to rack up trigger time (especially if the teams were evenly matched), and it also concentrated the action quite well. Resulted in lots of bloody bbs, though...
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