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Originally Posted by Drayen View Post
"He said CUPW has three main demands: first, they want Canada Post to drop any plans to create a "short-term disability plan" to replace sick leave and remove the employees' right to grieve.
Working for a part of the Government where I regularily "deal" with union grievances, I can honestly say 95% of grievances are complete bullshit and a waist of money. Ontario has a labour standards act that deals with most of this stuff.

Employees grieving that they got a bad job review because their manager is discriminating against them when they are in fact lazy fucks is just stupid, and it costs WAY more money than its worth.

Second, the employer needs to drop plans to establish a two-tier benefits system, in other words, giving new hires less money, fewer benefits and reduced job security.
Solution: Stop hiring more people. CP's revenue is dropping. It needs to cut costs. That's the bottom line.

Third, they need to change their tack on "modernization methods" that are resulting in unsafe conditions for letter carriers. He said mail carriers were once expected to carry one bundle of mail in one hand with a bag on their hip. They are now expected to carry three stacks on their forearm with the same sack still on their hip. This makes it difficult to see, and is an ergonomic nightmare, according to the union boss"
Really? They have to carry 1/4 of the shit the average high school student carries around with them? And give me a break. All new mailboxes are the super boxes with 50 actual mail boxes that don't require the carriers to walk more than 10 paces.

how would you feel if your company was trying to force this down your throat and you COULD do something about it because you're lucky enough to be unionized?
Considering my company just kicked me out of the union, which resulted in a pay freeze for me, I think I'm in a good position to comment on this. And I STILL hate unions.

I work for the Ontario Government. Up until recently I was unionized. OPSEU pisses me off. A LOT (though I was AMAPCEO). I can see how CP could be pissed at CUPW.

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