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Originally Posted by surebet View Post
You know what CP never did for me? Ring the doorbell when I was in the shower. Actually, I lied, they always do that.

What the don't do is look at the phone number and call it. I almost missed a package today (pair of Magpul FPGs, fun little bastards) but the Fedex guy actually called before leaving. I managed to grab the call after very awkwardly trying to run out of the shower, 'cause usually ringing my doorbell and calling me means I should take this.

After almost 20 years of putting my phone number on my package info, they actually tried the bold move of trying to see how they could get my shit to me. This is the same driver that actually came back when I missed a package and called the support line to figure out my options. I'm really starting to like Fedex.
LOL Same shit hgappened to me when I was in the shower too.
Thank god I didn't slip down 40 fleights of stairs.
I'm starting to like fedex too.

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