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Well, shit. We want you here, the more players the better! Just keep in mind there are rules in place, while there are exceptions made, the individual has to prove themselves that they're capable, and worthy of being fit into that exception.

I mean hell, you already have guns, you shouldn't need to worry about getting more especially if you 'really' do have a TM AKS74U. A few years back you would've been chewed out to holy hell about this (We're pretty strict about our 18+ rule, even when it comes to ownership) but things have changed.

I was an example of an underage player that got to play early. Myself and a few buddies were invited to take photos at an OP here in manitoba called 'Operation Death note', about half way through they allowed us to pick up some loaner guns and get into the game and have fun.

We proved ourselves to be willing and capable and intellegent players and were allowed to join in on games down the road. Hell, we even got invited to join a team. I was 16 then and this was 'way' before ASC started getting a bit easy on underage attendance. You guys really have it easy now.

Just keep your head up and listen to what people have to say here, we've built this community.
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