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On our side we're scratching our heads with the same thing. There's invoices to go out...and cheques to take in. There's bills to be paid, etc...

The local businesses that we deal with (downtown, GTA, regional offices in VCV and CAL) don't present too many problems. If the incoming amounts are worth it, we'll courier over the invoice...and pickup via courier if needed. (couriers down here are doing stiff business)

The thing singled out is how manual/paper based our accounting practices are. Good for oversight and process auditing (and keeping people employed)....lousy at adopting to change quickly.

Perhaps, sadly IMHO, this strike did/will not go long enough to drive innovation and change. I suspect it'll be business as usual for most businesses in 3 weeks when the backlog clears.

I find the difference between electronic personal finances and "good old fashioned" inhouse business finances striking (haha).
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