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Well today was a fun day. Apparently, the verdict is that I'm probably the one who smashed, if it did happen at all. I was told I was trying to slander the workers because of the strike. I might have mentioned my opinion about monkeys having mounted a successful coup and taken over upper union management at some point before that though.

Am I glad I took note of the time and asked the rep her employee number. I was told somewhere in the 45 minute wait that to somehow make this call more fulfilling it was to be recorded for posterity.

The really stupid part is that I'm not asking for money or to have the mail man beat up, the photos will just have to be scanned, touched up and printed out again and I just want to make sure my future mail gets to me preferably unmolested.

Kinda glad they decided to plead insanity, I needed a new plaything.
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