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Can't decide.....(Small Rant)

...a Echo1 G36E,
a Echo1 G36C,
or a SRC HK416 (With the shortest barrel option)......

-People who don't want to read...skip to bottom.

My problem is that I was leaning towards the SRC, but then t was rather expensive...i mean, its almost twice the price of the G36s! However, I want to put a EoTech (or however you spell it) sight on the gun, but the G36E has a built in. That means the only option left is the G36C, but i like the look of the HK416 and even the G36E better.....

So in general ( for the people who don't like to read )

-SRC HK416 is expensive.......
-G36E with a holographic sight seems idiotic.....
-G36C is kinda fugly......

Which one should I choose?
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