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Alright so it's been a little while but, like i promised, I took some pictures this weekend. Thanks to Strelok, I decided to take the same style of photos.
I didn't want to spam with a bunch of huge photos so you'll have to click the thumbs and click once again on the re sized image to get the "full res".

First off, here's the second front I picked up for the M4, the ICS MA-120 S.I.R. 14.5. In the end, I wasn't too happy.

And now, what I'm extremely happy with. Thanks iname for the idea. I got mine through, thanks Duy for the help as well. I went with the Mad Bull JP Rifles 9.8" Handguard Kit w/1 Length Barrel.

An extra with the last front end

An M9 from KJW I picked up on Saterday.

WE Dragon 5.1 I got a while back. With pointless but humorous accessories, hah.

Thanks for viewing


Also, I'm still trying to figure out where I can get my hands on a 3" sunshade for the scope.. Rear iron flip up is missing as well.

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