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I would agree. People only have a certain amout of time to get refunds, file claims, etc. How does this effect these claims? As no one saw the lockout coming and were willing the take the risk of a package getting hung up for a day or two in the rotating strike (or at least the businesses shipping). As there are consumables in the mail, peoples medicine, money, and stuff. These comsumables will now be wrecked (and might wreck packages around it) and whoever is out x number of dollars, will they get compinsated? How is that fair to us? If they delivered everything that was in the mail as it was and said no more new mail this wouldnt be a big deal and wouldve been dealt with maturely. We could have at least made alternate plans to get our shit. Now its in a plant and who knows how much mail will be lost or whatever as a result.

I really do feel like my package is being held hostage. I think its leveraege from CP to get the public to put pressure on the union and/or government. I just want my stuff that I should already have. Why havent they been forced back to work yet? When its all said and done and the dust settles I am sure people will go back to CP as they have the best prices (even though not the greatest as is) and its much easier to pick up a package (for London, FedEx Ground pick up is in Cambridge which is an hour away, I can see my local CP from my house).

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This is such balls.
How can they strike and hold customers' property ransom? If Uhaul went on strike and people couldn't access their stuff in storage, wouldn't there be lawsuits?

I mean, Striking and saying "as of now, we are not taking any more parcels. Hoever all parcels in our posesion will be delivered" would be legit.

But assuring customers that a parcel will reach its destination the next day, and locking shit up that very next day is a scam.
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