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Personally I can't remember having a problem with CP in recent memory.

However, DHL is utter nonsense.

Ordered some items from WPG. According to the online log at they have been to my home address 3 times (Mon, Tues, Wed). According to WPG they have been twice (Tues, Wed). According to DHL customer service they only deliver 2 times. According to the single delivery notice left on my front lawn the "final" attempt was yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon after finding the delivery slip I used their website to redirect the package to my work. I also left a signed agreement to leave to the package on my doorstep in case the redirection didn't occur. According to their customer service the redirection was never done. Courier probably just slowed by my house two out of three times and saw no cars in our driveway and merrliy went on to another address.

Guess I'll be picking it up at their office in Waterloo. Hopefully the package is there.

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Anyways, it's not my problem. Enjoy your overpriced shaving acessories.
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