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Nope I have asked. They do not facilitate pick up at processing plants (under any circumstance). I have a few things in the mail too and Canada Post has been fucking around with delivery and now they are locked out. I am not impressed when I was told my package would be shipping UPS but gets shipped Canada Post. So its not entirely CP fault but I should have had my package by now, and calling them doesnt really get you anywhere (they have 5-10 bus days to get back to you). And now I have no idea when I will get it, wouldnt be suprised if it gets returned to sender. I too wouldve liked to have my new gear for Sundays game at Adrenaline. My money/property is being held hostage!! Its so fun being on the shit end of a strike (teachers strike, I have to go to school in the summer, garbage stike I have to smell garbage everywhere, etc), seems like making the customer suffer for your greed is a little counter productive. Those that might have come back have now got that last nail in the coffin. I have a feeling they might be getting paid $25hr to start but only working 1 day (or even a few hours) a week.

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GOD DAMMIT!! I have two packages sitting right now in Mississauga that I was hoping would atleast arrive by Friday for the Adrenaline Game... Is it possible to go and just pick the packages up?
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