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Lame Questions About The Sport

Hello Everyone

My brother and I are considering joining the world of AS.* We both have a background in paintball mainly speedball (don’t be a hater) with tactical/scenario experience as well.* I just have a few questions about the AS culture and how games are typically played.*

1)***** Where / how often are games played (located in Peel Region)?* Can I expect to be able to play a few times a month without driving across the province?* From my understanding there really aren’t any places in the GTA that have “walk-on” type pickup games like paintball and AS matches are more like events planned in advance.

2)***** How far in advance are games typically planned?

3)***** What happens in the winter?* Is it considered an off season and only the hardcore remain outside?

Stupid questions I know but they are the kind of things that I couldn’t find on the website.

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