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There are a few makers, Unconventional Airsoft has one (Trigger Master), then there's the Extreme Fire ones that supposedly the Trigger Master designs are based on.

AWS has a FET too. And those are just the companies off the top of my head there are many more.

As for what they do, AFAIK from what I remember from my circuit design days it's basically a transistor with a gate and amplifier (in it's most simplest incarnation). In the airsoft world I believe programmable computer units were added on that do things like single shot, single with delay, 3 round burst, etc.

I believe a FET is a must when dealing with high voltage guns (ie. 9.6V+) as well as LiPo's due to the FET reducing "arcing" or something and saving the trigger assy from getting lots of carbon deposits and not working anymore.

EDIT: I just realized I assumed people knew what "assy" meant. Just in case it means "assembly" (as in "assy and details").
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