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Shatter: The beauty of owning an ICS is that all you have to do is swap out the upper receiver and upper gearbox assembly.
Yeah, like Shatter stated, the ICS split box works awesome when switching upper receivers. At least it was really quick when I changed it to the MA-120 S.I.R. 14.5.

Strelok: Please, keep it as is. Like said before, only put rails on your gun if you actually plan on using them. Otherwise you're cluttering up your gun for no real reason.

I'm curious though, how'd you acheive that kind of texture with your photographs? Its mesmerizing.
Strelok, you're right. Don't get me wrong, I love Afflictions m16 and it has rail covers, makes it look even cleaner. But, when I installed the MA-120, the rails bulked up the rifle. Isn't working for me unfortunately.
I took HDR's of my rifle. Photography is my other hobby

iname: I agree with Strelok the gun looks amazing if you realy need a RIS or RAS mount on it then try the grip rail kit. it will give you the ability to ad any grip or ris bipod you want and the stays looking epic
also in the past I have found front mounts that allow you to have the bayonet atttachment still haven't found any but I am starting to come arround to them.
but yeah if you want to put a different frontset on this gun then maybe a front grip set like this myte help ( ) but A++ on the photos and the gun looks killer.
iname, first off, thanks for the compliments. Second off, that front grip is amazing. See I'd love to grab something like that. Every shop I've entered (in my area) told me that ICS is extremely picky with rail systems and so on. Apparently the measurements are slightly different, making something fit almost impossible. That's the only reason why I went with that pre-built MA-120 SIR. If that grip from that link were to fit.. I'd be in business.

I'll Be taking pic's this weekend of what it currently looks like :/. Meanwhile.. I'll be researching on iname's link on the Madbull JP hand guard.
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