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Hi! My name is Carter. I am 17, and live in Calgary Alberta. I'm having trouble getting out to ANY game due to buying guns that come broken, or that basically have too many flaws to run. I (like everybody here) am interested in airsoft. I'm registered on JOC as gocanucks4ever (Yeah, I know, not the best choice of names for an airsoft forum.) My experience in Air Cadets has taught me how to take orders and now the skills for giving them out . I passed our basic survival course with a 98% average (as would all of you, most likely, it wasn't hard) and went through our rifle coach camp (mostly gun safety).After that there isn't much related to airsoft I really know, except for legal things, which mostly seems to boil down to common sense. I hope to be of help to the forum, make usefull posts and to actually get into airsoft soon.
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