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Hey, figured I'd say hi. My name is Sean, I'm 28 and from Aurora Ontario. I've lurked here for a month or so now, just started playing airsoft with my friends MrBig0/Carpathia/Master_Cheif. I've played two games now, once with the BAAR guys two weeks ago and I attended the zombie game in Picton (holy shit that was amazing). I really love the sport, it's fun tinkering with the guns and trying to improve them and I really enjoy the games so far. Lots to learn, lots to do.

Anyways I'm looking forward to playing for a long time and I'm already looking at some new gear! :/

Looking forward to seeing you guys on the field! (Anyone who plays with BAAR maybe give me a heads up so I can get AV'd, I need to shop! lol.)
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