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I honestly don't notice a difference other than:
- seeing brown UPS trucks driving around faster than before
- seeing WAY less junk mail in the's an actual noticeable amount less in the recycle bin

I have one item that's shipping from MTL...and the tracking hasn't been updated since Monday/Tuesday. That's really no different than any other time. I DO hope that the sender reclaims his shipping charge though if that's possible.

All that said...I do not depend on the physical processing of mail/packages by CanPost for my business/livelyhood. Truth be told...I don't even rely on it for my hobbies. I know there are businesses that are hurting from this strike. I know some end customers have felt the impact in the wallet for other shipping methods that had to be done. I know some got the jump on the heads up and had alternate plans formulated.

The only lesson that I take away from this is to:
- identify the points of dependancy and have alternatives prepared (or at least thought out)
- life/business goes on...your customers aren't going to wait, you business isn't going to wait, etc...
- if you fail to deliver (haha...) everyone needing your services will go elsewhere. It might be painful...but it will happen. And when the dust settles...unless you're coming back in with something so aggressive (either service or price), why would anyone switch back?
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