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Is this normal?

I have had 2 SRC AEG's so far and I have been majorly disappointed. I may have played maybe 3 games with each gun an they have broken majorly just when I go to use them for my 4th game. My first was the SRC Gen 3 G36K, I used it for a few games very gingerly might I add and the piston broke on me and shredded the gears and motor. So I came to the conclusion that I may have been pulling my trigger too fast. I then sold that gun after getting it repaired and bought an SRC GenIII Pro M16A3 I took special care to ensure that this gun hasn't been rough around and to not pull the trigger so fast and now the motor wont spin, I replaced the fuse and still nothing, I'm using the battery that I bought with it and nothing else so I have no idea why this would happen but is it common that AEG's would break so frequently?
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