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Originally Posted by 5kull View Post
I'm very interested in this discussion because I will buy a Sniper rifle in the next few weeks. The choice is down to a TM L96 or a CA M24

So I want to make sure I understand correctly in order to spend my money wisely Are you saying it's better in the case of a sniper rifle and in the long run, to buy a lower cost clone then a more expensive Classic Army or TM because I will have to replace the stock components anyway to get the performance I want out of it?

Do not buy a clone sniper rifle. While they are clones of the orignal they all lack the quality control that the originals TM or CA have.

So your next question would be, why does that matter? I'm gonna be replacing all or most of the stock internals right?...

It matters because your expensive high costing parts will not fit as snuggly together and form the same air seals.

This lead to sub standard performance and basically means you spent all that money of great parts for nothing.

The moral of this story if you are gonna bother getting a BA (bolt action) don't cheap out. And really if you are going to be spending $800-$1000 on upgraded internals whats $250 more on a name brand gun that will have:

- better performance
- higher resale value
- not suck
- not give you VD
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