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There is one other way of getting them in but AFAIK it's illegal to do whats required in Japan to make it OK for importation to Canada. Not to mention you could end up playing the phone game with CBSA/RCMP and get yourself into a big clusterfuck and possibly get nailed by them and put on some list.

PS: Sorry I can't tell you what it is because I don't want to be liable nor am I allowed to according to the sites rules, you have to be AV'ed to be able to see the info section on that (cause we don't want kids ordering from overseas and QQ'ing when CBSA seizes their packages and charging back on PP and making the Asian retailers ban Canadians from purchasing like has happened already).
Thanks for the heads up. I don't want to cause legal/ASC trouble, for myself or for anyone else. I've gotten good help already, so I'm really grateful.

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Errr....I think some of those parts are ITAR (Magpul stocks), so if they're coming VIA or THROUGH the US you may have an issue.
Good to know. I think the moving company I will be using will ship to Toronto via Vancouver, but it's something I'll double check. If it's just the Magpul stuff that might cause trouble if it's going via US, maybe it's better to put those in my luggage when I go back? Or is this asking for trouble from Canadian customs?

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Anyway, PM me, let's figure this out for you.
Thanks! Will do.
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