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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Honestly I'd recommend a marui P226. IMO they're ugly as sin, but they WORK. And they work WELL. Otherwise, KSC and KWA are great brands for metal pistols.
Quoted for truth. P226 is one of those love/hate guns. People either love the looks or hate them. There's rarely any middle ground. But they're generally excellent pistols out of the box with good mags and great parts availability. And the gas capacity is exceptional.

KSC / KWA are the other good option. My KSC Glock 17 has been a workhorse pistole for years and has never failed me, regardless of the abuse it's been put through. Again, parts are readily available (although not as available as TM) and they're likely to last a long time before those parts are required. Just be careful to use silicone oil sparingly in KCS / KWA mags, as their hopup rubbers tend to swell easily if they come in contact with too much silicone oil.
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