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Everyone will tell you something different based on their experiences. The fact is, most companies outside of marui have a decent lemon rate.
Lots of people hate or swear by KJW, WE, even WA. Lots of people hate HFC, but I had a stock HFC beretta and it outperformed most fully upgraded pistols and some upgraded AEGs. But I don't deny that there are no replacement parts for them, and they have a high lemon rate.

The best advice that I can offer, is to buy a pistol that WORKS, and that has replacement parts readily available. Don't buy something that looks cool like a WEcapa dragon, and don't focus on metal bodies and such. Buy something that is reliable and will fill the proper role of a pistol (and that is to save your bacon!).

Honestly I'd recommend a marui P226. IMO they're ugly as sin, but they WORK. And they work WELL. Otherwise, KSC and KWA are great brands for metal pistols.
Like Crunch said, stay away from thin mag pistols, they have very limited gas capacity to begin with, which means they're less likely to save your bacon.
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