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WE 1911s are horrible guns in every way. They're sort of a proprietary hybrid design that's a cross between WA and TM. That means that there are very few replacement parts available for when the gun breaks. And it WILL break. It's just a matter of time.

I have 2 WE pistols - the 2011 (Hi Capa) and Luger. The Hi Capa is ok. Not great, but works. However, parts started getting loose after some use, stuff started not working properly, etc. The goos part about them is that they're 100% TM compatible, therefore you can easily find QUALITY replacement parts if needed.

The Luger is surprisingly good, although the mags are utter junk. In my case, I don't care as it was bought as a collection piece.

If you really want full metal, then you can go for KJW for a 1911. However, as was already mentioned, you get very limited gas mileage out of a metal slide because of the low gas capacity in the mag. I would prefer get an all plastic TM and get a super-lightweight after-market aluminum slide since it keeps the slide weight down, helping gas use. KJW tend to use heavier pot metal, so their slides tend to be heavy, reducing gas mileage somewhat. However, I will still second KJW if you want an inexpensive all-metal 1911.
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