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I also carry a KJW 1911 and I love it.

I would advise against the WE, they tend to literally rip themselves to pieces. I've never personally owned one, but if you look in the Doctor's Corner section, you'll see thread after thread after thread of people having trouble with WE guns, the 1911 in particular. And I understand replacement parts are a bitch and a half to source.

When it comes down to the 1911, you have to ask yourself one question: is full metal a must? If the answer is yes, then KJW is probably the best bet. If the answer is no, then go with WA or TM.

Really the only downside you'll hear about KJW GBB's is they have finicky mags. Though I have personally owned two different KJW pistols and never had mag problems. That said, for the KJW 1911 its really a moot point since TM mags fit even better then KJW mags and no one questions the quality of TM mags. Replacement parts for KJW guns are really easy to source as well, you can order them directly from KJW with virtually no hassle and very reasonable prices.

Full metal is great, and I would never go any other way. But for the 1911 the smaller gas reservoir in the thinner single stack mag added to the heavier metal slide is going to limit how many shots you're going to manage. On a warm day and relatively slow firing I can usually manage about fifteen shots. That's not a problem for me since I real-cap my mags to seven rounds anyway, but it's something to keep in mind.
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