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remembered another one. its basically a safe cracker game.

-get one of those changeable combo locks or combo lock boxes and set your combo.(get a changeable one so you can repeat without everyone knowing the combo)
-put a bright flag or item in the box
-write the digits of the combo on pieces of paper (we used bright coloured card stock cut in 1/4)
-do not tell anyone the order of the combo. this is why its called safe cracker.
- one digit per card one colour for each set of digits. ie all the #3 cards are blue all the #4 cards are yellow etc.
-scatter the cards randomly around the field.
-place the box/case/whatever the lock is on in the center of the field.
-once a team has collected all the digits (one card of each colour) they can try to unscramble the numbers and unlock the box.
-the box must remain where it is and can not me moved.
-players can be shot trying to unlock the box
-if you kill a member of the other team and ask for any cards he has he must surrender them to you.
-when the box is unlocked the item must be returned to that teams spawn.
-if the carrier is shot he must drop the item exactly where he was hit. his team can try to retrieve the item or the other team can try and capture it.
-whichever team successfully returns the item to their spawn wins.

this can get pretty heated. as everyone is trying to find cards all over the field while killing/avoiding being killed by the opposing team and still trying to secure the area around the box long enough to crack the combo and extract the item back to their spawn.
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