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ICS M4A1 Project

First off, I would like to say hello. I've been lurking and reading posts throughout the site but have never posted myself, until now.

Although I've owned this M4 for a year now, I'm still pretty new to airsoft. Only lately did I decide to modify my rifle to my tastes (or at least, try to). My M4A1 is a ICS-20 M4A1 Retractable model. So far I've changed the stock, added a scope, suppressor, new magazine and a rear flip up iron sight (which I completely forgot to mount back on for the picture). The only internal parts I've changed to date would be a new inner barrel (6.03... I think it was..).

Basically, my goal is to turn this M4 into something that looks more like a sniper rifle. I love M4's but also share an equal amount of love for sniper rifles (WA2000, M14 and m24 are some favorites). This may not of course appeal to everyone's tastes but hopefully I didn't butcher this rifle too much for your likings! I just thought I'd give it a shot and see what happens.

So here it is, work in progress. And yes, I'm aware it was on semi at the time the pictures were taken .

By mericiobenz at 2011-06-06

By mericiobenz at 2011-06-06

By mericiobenz at 2011-06-06

By mericiobenz at 2011-06-06

As I've mentioned earlier, the rear flip up iron sight is missing in the picture. Also, you're probably wondering why on earth does that rifle have both a scope and stock front sights installed.. Well, I'll be honest, I completely forgot all about the front sights until I took the pictures.

Now here's where I'd really love some input. Below is a list of mods I want to do this weekend. Some items I've already got a preference for as far as to which model to go with, while others, I'd really appreciate your ideas/opinions on.

- For a rail system, ICS MA-120 S.I.R. 14.5. Since finding a rail for this rifle is almost impossible it seems. Due to ICS unique measurements. Here's what I found (through Mach1) Personally, I really like the looks of this one.

- Front bipod, not 100% sure which would look better. Help?

- Front folding iron sight. More or less have an idea but again, comments and suggestions are welcome!

- Scope caps ( not sure if that's what they're actually called). Preferably ones that flip up, appose to ones that just pop off and are held together with a stretch cord. Really don't know where to find these and could really use some help.

Any input or help is greatly appreciated. Also hope you enjoy this thread so far. Can't wait to continue with these modifications!

I apologize in advance if I've broken any rules that I'm not yet aware of and (image sizing, image host, posted urls to store sites). Please let me know and I'll take care of it myself, thanks!
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