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In a built up area with lots of hiding places, scatter an uneven number (about a dozen) heavy objects (not so big or heavy a person cant drag it alone with one hand) like big ammo boxes or barrels with a handle. Scatter them in a 15 meter area. They must be in the open and easy to see.

Both sides try to salvage the boxes and get them back into their base. The enemy can raid your base and steal your boxes. When all the boxes are salvaged the game is over. The side with the most boxes wins. Keep the respawns short, we usually respawn whenever theirs two dead players in the respawn to keep the adrenalin flowing.

It's a lot of fun because everyones trying to retrieve the boxes without getting killed. You really need to work as a team towards the goal. You must be agressive to push back the enemy long enough for someone to grab a box and bring it back or at least bring it closer.

If you dont have any ammo boxes you can use 2 liter softdrink bottles, fill them up with water to make them heavier and harder to carry or tie two of them together. Dont hide them, they must be easy to see. It's not a treasure hunt, it's more of a grab and dash.

When one side as won, remix the teams and start over.

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