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Are you saying this from experience?

But yes make sure your connectors (that connect the battery from the stock) are seated in the enclosure properly (push the spring up a little and you should be able to seat it in the enclosure).

I understand your reluctance I was the same. I dont want to break anything else. But once you learn it you can do it blindfolded when you done. It can be a little finiky at times (but what gun isnt) but I think its a great gun though (wish I bought mine new).

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Yes i found it odd that walmart carries such a precise allen key where Canadian Tire, and other major tool suppliers did not

glad to be of service, your in the home stretch now, just remember when putting the gear box back int he lower the rear wires are in the correct position before placing the cover on if your looking at it from the rear the red goes to the left. also the spring and circle part of the contact get compressed in the little chamber (hard to discribe) but the contacts should move when pressed
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