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Battery and Charger for VFC

Hello all,

New to airsoft and just been researching these days about AEGs, I had my eyes on the VFC HK416 and the SOPMOD M4. However they do not come with battery or charger.

I read the newbie thread regarding the explanation of battery, however I still don't know what kind of battery will fit? The VFCs have a crane stock, so is there a specific battery shape that will fit into it? In addition, I don't really understand what is a good charger and if the charger will charge the specific battery I get

Could you guys please help by providing some examples of battery and charger that will be good for the VFC AEGs? This way I will have a starting point of research? Some insights on the functionalities for the charger will be appreciated as well.

How much should I spend on my first battery and charger? Some ppl say it is good to have a good charger but they can run up to 300 bucks,that is kinda high of a budget, is there a reasonable priced one? ($50-100)

Also, before anyone points out, I am in the process of getting Age verified, ppl are busy so I have to wait until they are available.

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