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TM or KJW hi-capa with co2 mags?

Hey there!

I'm thinking of getting a TM hi-capa but I have some question that's unanswer even though google search. Here goes!

Is there a CO2 mags for a TM brand hi-capa? If so, how many shots would I get out of a 12g cartage?

I know there's a few models of KJW hi-capa like kp-05 and kp-06. I had a kp-07(1911) that use a whole 12g CO2 cartage in just 31 shots so I would guess the other models are gas hog as well, am I right?

Any help would be awesome! Thanks.

PS: I want to build a race gun or secondary to my primary. Any more advice would be awesome!
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