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The guide Danke posted should help you out a lot. As time goes by they release newer version of gearboxes (I think its version 3 in the VFC SCAR-L). If you dont mind me asking what is it that you are trying to do/accomplish? Do you want to open your gearbox or just remove it from the receiver? Its not very hard at all the real trick is making sure the ambexturous selctor is seated properly on both side when putting the gearbox back in the lower receiver. You will need a 1.5MM, 2MM alan key and a screw driver. I think it even goes into tearing down the gearbox itself. I am still to new to feel comfortable opening a gearbox. But I have removed the gearbox a couple times already (selector issues, so be forwarned you will probably have selector issues), and its not very hard at all. So if you want to remove the gearbox go for it. If you want to open the gearbox then go to a gun doc (you can tap their mind while your at it). Advice to offer would be watch for the ball bearings when removing the selector switch (both sides), you dont want to lose one or spend an hour crawling around on the ground. And the selector gear when inserting it back in. Hope this helps but if you have any questions feel free to post or PM me
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