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Originally Posted by TacWolf View Post
I've been thinking about this for a while, and I'm sort of leaning towards getting a low-mid grade one, for several reasons-

1) Lower price, means I won't be completely broke, but from what I've heard the one I'm leaning towards is an ok gun.
2) Because I don't get to play too much (just whenever I can), I don't want to splash out a lot of money on a gun that I probably won't use as much as I should.
3) I really like upgrading things, and getting different parts, and getting a cheaper gun then say a KWA will mean I have the money to upgrade, but also keep in touch with my other interests.

I really appreciate all your help, and I have listened to all your advice, and if I felt like I could spend the money with no regrets, I would. I still see myself as being too young to get properly involved in the sport, therefore the gun I intend on getting, would still outproform my friends clearsoft, until I'm ready to get the high grade guns.

Thanks again.
You know what? I think, based on your logic and mental debates, that you likely made a good decision. You reached a rational decision based on your age, your wants, your needs, your other interests, and your budget. And for that, again, I THANK YOU.

You got a lot of good advice, you weighed it, and you arrived at what makes the most sense for you. I'm sure that some will continue to say "save your monies", but at least you arrived at your own conclusions. Again, you presented yourself to ASC a thoughtful and mature young adult (yes, I would not consider you a "teenager"), and for that, I would certainly welcome you here. And I am certain that, once you reach 16, the ACS members in your area would more than likely be willing to let you game with them.

We need more people like you. Honest and truly.
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