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Originally Posted by the man behind the rifle View Post
sometimes people blame the bb's first instead of their lack of adjustment to their hop or scope? I still have some SGMs left but they have no energy behind them at all after around 220 feet and im looking to get much farther. i'm also not getting the .4 im almost positive their re branded madbulls with there signature air pocket off centre as normal
Bastard .4's? Their definitely not rebranded madbulls... If you can, go the heaviest your hopup will allow, there's a huge difference between .3's and .4's, and you can get more range out of the .4's if you compensate with your hopup... and the consistency/resistance to wind is 10x better. .4's really tend to carry energy quite far, I can get them out to almost 300 feet and still have enough energy to almost punch through a cardboard box. Chronoing at 415 fps (with .2's) While I can only get .3's out to about 200 feet consistently, and they still don't have enough power to even put a dent in anything, now imagine players calling hits...
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