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Hello Everyone,

My name is Kyle, I am 18(as of today!). I am an ex paintballer, Iíve grown board of it over the last 5 years of playing so I am now looking to find a new sport to fulfill my military interests.And I got board of the mess. Ever since I was young I have loved everything military, so the milsim aspect of airsoft has drawn me to it. Another interest of mine is going shooting real steel, I donít have my Pal yet (soon as school is out I will be getting it) but my dad does so I take every chance I get to get out and shoot. Its one of my favorite pass times, so airsoft is just a no brainer haha.

I already have a AEG, just waiting on a replacement switch as mine was defective. Hopefully its back up and running within the next few weeks so I can get out and play!

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