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Originally Posted by Villainous View Post
I think I'm going to get an M15A4 Carbine, not the Tactical because of the full stock and it's GBB, I dislike full stocks, especially when I'm not going to need a bigger battery if I'm not going airsofting outside (I usually only play 2 or 3, 45 min rounds), it's possible to get rails put on this thing right? would I just have to order them? I only want rails for the left side, and bottom. (TacFlash and Masterkey or a grip) and I do love the G36c, but I just can't see myself enjoying playing with one, it's too.. bulky? that along with the Famas, but sniper rifles are roughly $1000?!!? Cheezus, maybe sniping won't be that badass anyway. but I gotta get back to work been sitting here for like an hour trying to figure out what to say. x] , I'll finish this when I get home!
Good choice. And yeah, if you're only playing short games then you could probably get away with small batteries. An RIS or RAS would be easy to get. But it's going to increase the front heaviness that you're already getting from the front wired battery. Also, most RIS/RAS can't fit a battery in them. So you'll still have to use a battery bag, PEQ box or something similar.

A stock sniper rifle doesn't cost that much. But to make it more then a slow firing version of your average assault rifle it takes alot of upgrades. Easily doubling the cost of the weapon if not more.

As was mentioned in another post, I'd advise against the masterkey. The airsoft version looks pretty but that's about it. If what you're after is basically a blast of buckshot for close range then what you really want is an m203 grenade launcher, since in airsoft the m203 works like an oversized shotgun. And if you use propane powered grenades there's really no minimum engagement distance.

Here's a shot of me firing my grenade launcher. If you look carefully you can see the cloud of bbs firing out.

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