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How did I break any rules? I didn't flame. I didn't do anything improper. There are literally hundreds of threads EXACTLY like this, many of which contain posts telling the OP to use the search function. It's there for a reason. Four threads down from this actually contains both an answer (later), and someone telling the OP to use the search function.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post

Sub 407 , it could be a replica, trade between individuals in replicas is prohibited.

Trade in imitation firearms is not prohibited, so clear guns are fine as they are obviously not real guns.

anything that shoots a projectile with sufficient force to cause bodily harm is a firearm , this has been tested and been found to be a .22 gram projectile moving at 407 FPS. An object that is a firearm can not be a replica.

But in order for a firearm to be subject to regulation it must fire a projectile at over 500 FPS and in excess of 5.7 joules of muzzle energy.

Therefore an object that fires a .20 g projectile in excess of 430 FPS is a firearm, and can't be a replica regardless of what it looks like , but is not subject to regulations governing Firearms, such as licensing. it is a "unregulated firearm" These items, so called "all black airsoft guns" are available to persons who are age verified to be in excess of 18 years if age through retailers who advertise on this site.

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There's your spoon fed answer.

To fully answer the OP's question: Don't import. Support your local Canadian businesses.

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