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Originally Posted by Tex View Post
@Mach that info is in the age restricted zone, forum rules say we cannot talk about sales or importing outside of that area.

Not entirely. There is plenty of info regarding the subject, and even I - un-age-verified have been able to read it.

If anyone is willing to search this forum for any information regarding Airsoft, I recommend actually using a Google trick, rather than the built in vBulletin search function.

in Google type: SEARCH_QUERY

No space between site: and website, and of course SEARCH_QUERY with keywords that will help point to what you want to know.
This will return google style results, searching only within 's forums.
Google's search engine has a relevancy system, where vBulletin(atleast from what I can tell by trying to use it) does not. Provides much much better search results.

Example: TM GLOCK 18
Different, more specific keywords help you find anything. (anything PUBLIC, that is.)

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