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Being that is a clone, yes most parts will be compatible, with most of it requiring some modification on the clone to fit the parts.

My first airsoft rifle was an AGM VSR10, and that was almost identical to the TM VSR 10 I later bought, and it allowed me to practice on the clone gun (modifying/upgrading) so I wouldn't mess up catastrophically on the TM VSR10.

Honestly, the only real purpose a clone serves is for practice working on/with the actual, original gun, as well trying out the gaming style associated with the weapon itself.

If you want to learn how to do this and that before you an amazing gun, get it. Practice the shooting/game style of a sniper rifle, so you don't go ahead and drop 400$ for "the real deal" and later regret buying the TM VSR10 because it doesn't suit you.
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