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Just a note about all this, as these posts and discussions seems to be *very* popular these days:

Even if you order a technically legal-to-import gun from over the border, the odds of having it seized anyways are really high. So yeah, it's supposed to be legal to import so even if it is seized you have rights to claim it back yes? Yes, but good luck with that, as you'll need a lot of paperworks to do, proove them it's legal to import as per law (yes you will have to do their own homework), then pay for having them ship the gun to some distant no-man's land so the RCMP test the gun, then pay again to have them shipped to you.

These charges can go as high 30-60$, times two equals 60-120$ in extra to the original price paid, it's been carried around, "played" with and you won't have any warranty of the state it's going to be when you receive it.

Plus, the whole process will have taken at least 4 weeks, probably more.

That is without even considering the probable duty fees.

In the end you'll have paid the same price as buying in Canada, waited longer, lost more time doing paperwork, and maybe received the gun in a not so new condition.

Think about it
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Real life comparison,

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