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Originally Posted by voorhees -FWA- View Post
Any airsoft rifle (plastic or metal) shooting over 407FPS (430FPS recommended) can be imported, but it will take a bit to get to you as it has to be tested by the RCMP. If the shipping parcel states what it is and what the FPS or meter per second muzzle velocity is, it will usually clear without issue. These are classified as "uncontrolled firearms".

Import away... just ensure that what the item is and the velocity is posted on the shipping ticket on your parcel. Do not allow them to write "toy parts" or the like, it must say what it is; eg, "AIRSOFT - TSD Tactical SD97 Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle" and make them quote the FPS, get them to chrono with .20gram BBs before paying to ensure it's velocity is greater than 407FPS (430FPS is preferred).

This may take time to get it shipped also as the CBSA might send it to the RCMP for testing. Be calm and patient and respond clearly to any requests and if they do seize your item, quote the above in your reply or appeal and it will be cleared.
But what if it's over 500 fps, is there any problems with that? Because I remember reading somewhere in the FAQ about airsofts being legal to import as long as it's over 407 but less than 500.

(^look at the second post)

The TSD SD97 is "supposed" to shoot at 550fps, but there are various videos where we can see it goes over 600fps..

YouTube - ‪TSD SD97 Chrono Test 2 (.2g Ammo Only)‬‏
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