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The looming strike kind of sucks for us at work since 50-60% of our outgoing packages are shipped via Expedited Parcel. We would ship more through Canpar or DHL but they would require that the customer be available to sign for it as the depots are far and few between where as Canada post has an outlet for just about every postal code.

Anyway for personal shipments, since I would would ship through work, Canpar for Ontario, DHL for the rest of Canada and International and I'd just make sure the recipient had a business address or one where it could be signed for. Alternatively, I have looked up peoples addresses to see if it's anywhere close to a depot/terminal for pickup.

I once sent a 5lb box to my friend in Hong Kong via DHL. Cost me $20 to send it but it was there and signed for in 22 hours of being picked up.
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